Property VS Shares & Crypto: Where Should You Invest?

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I’m getting ready for the Gold Coast Game Fishing Club shootout that’s happening this weekend but before I head out, I want to share with you something important. Which is…

Why Property Beats Shares & Crypto Hands Down!

Shares and crypto definitely have their place in a portfolio, offering liquidity and easy accessibility for investors of all sizes.

But as someone who has been in the property game for over two decades, I am biased towards property as an investment.

Here are the top reasons why:

#1. Leverage

With property, you have the ability to borrow and leverage against it, allowing you to have more buying power.

A $500k investment property that rents for $450 a week can be easily financed with a 10-20% deposit, giving you significant leverage.

(Remember to use leverage with caution, or you may get into trouble when interest rates go up.)

#2. Control

As a direct investor in property, you have control over it. You decide what to do with it, when to sell it, and how to add value to it.

You can paint the front door, add a bedroom, or even build townhouses on it, as long as you comply with council regulations.

Unlike shares in a company, where you don’t have a say in its decision-making unless you have significant ownership.

#3. Add Value Opportunities

With control comes the opportunity to add value in multiple ways.

From renovations to adding dwellings, subdivisions, and amalgamating properties, there are endless possibilities for adding value to a property.

Adding value can significantly increase the yield and developability of a site, resulting in significant profits.

Watch the video for a couple of examples and as you’ll see –– this is where A LOT of the money is!

#4. Slow and Steady

While the property market may not offer the same fast peaks as shares and crypto, it does protect you from the sudden troughs.

Property goes up slowly and comes down slowly. Everything in the property market are more gradual.

Providing you with a stable and far more predictable investment option.

Which means you have much more time to adjust to the changes in the market.

#5. Commercial Property

We haven’t even talked about commercial property yet! It’s a whole other aspect of property investing that offers great potential for growth and profitability.

The opportunities for adding value to commercial properties are even more varied. From repurposing and refurbishing old buildings to developing new ones.

In summary, property investment offers a range of benefits that make it a more attractive investment option than shares or crypto.

With leverage, control, add value opportunities, slow and steady growth, and commercial property potential, it’s easy to see why property is a popular choice for many investors.

So if you’re considering where to invest your money… I suggest you start right here:

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