My $5000 Reno Budget…How Will I go????

Recently I bought another property and it settles this week…

and I only plan to spend $5000 on the reno…what should I do????

Also why only $5000??? Here’s why:

– The roof is practically Brand new 

– There’s already a 6 foot timber paling fence on side and rear boundaries

– Looks like recently painted …. see below….


But of course there’s some work to be done, like:

– Painting the walls, polishing the timber floors; and 

– Touch up the bathroom and kitchen…


Let’s see how I go….but why am I doing renovations anyway????

Because there’s a FR-EE BLOCK OF LAND OF COURSE!!!!!


Let’s see what I can do with the back yard…all will be revealed in 2 weeks when we

1. finish the reno; and 

2. Lodge the Development application .