Is the Property Market Cooling Off???

It’s interesting hearing some of the commentary out there at the moment.

Some nay-sayers saying the property market is about to fall off the perch, but it just doesn’t seem to be cooling off….

I personally don’t know how long this can last, say 12 months?  6 months?  As the following factors have to kick in some time:

  • Unemployment: More people being sacked than hired – how do people borrow when they’re not working
  • Interest Rates have to go up at some stage, being too low for too long isn’t sustainable
  • Mining Boom has come and gone, what’s driving the economy at the moment???
  • Prices in some places just unaffordable, but people are still paying !!!

I have a saying (got it from Robert Kiyosaki) —

“If you plan for the Bad Times, You Will Always Have Good Times!!”

Let the good times roll!!!!

Til next time,


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