Make $50,000 In 30 Days??…Why I am Running Out Of Time

If you missed out on my recent video on my 30 Day Challenge, here it is again:

The parameters once again:

“Make over $50,000 Clear Profit (after expenses, pre-tax), in a Property Deal, in 30 Days”


1. 30 Days are counted actually from Purchase Settlement to On-sale Settlement

2. Nhan actually has to be major stakeholder in the deal, ie. be in charge and profiting  (ie not someone’s elses deal that they are doing)

3. Property deal (not business deal or other) being done NOW, not last year or next year

Bonus Points for:

1. Not lifting paintbrush or a hammer (personally)

2. Not doing any renovations at all on the property

3. Using all other people ‘s money / NO money down

4. Selling for more than $390k – $400k anticipated price range

5. Making more than $65k –>> super bonus points for this!!!

My results so far with only 2 weeks marketing and open homes —->>>>

I have secured a buyer on day 13 for $410,000!!!


Subject to Building and Pest and Finance, let’s see how it goes!!!


I haven’t settled this property yet but I have found a buyer $90,000 more than what I paid for it!!!

He tells me he missed out on another property in the same street for $440,000…came 2nd in the bidding…so doesn’t want to miss out again!

Here’s what the property looks like internally as my own building and pest inspectors do their checks.

In doing this challenge, I actually want to show people:

1. My strategies do actually work – in fact in any market – and you can do it buying property less than $400k not in the boondocks

2. You don’t need alot of money – or time for that matter

3. Any body – yes anybody – whether you are beginner or advanced – can make a year’s income in less than 60 days….

Will I succeed????

Let’s hope so hahhahahaha…

Otherwise I will have to lose my Ferrari in a bet!!!



PS: what should I spend my profit on??? What about one of these???

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