How Did Kate Buy A House For $120,000 Using No Money Down???

You probably remember the Girl Next Door, Miss Kate Cleary, who last

year made $110,000 in 42 days with a renovation?  Well, she’s back,

and stronger than ever.  In late March this year she found a deal…

it was dodgy, it had warts, legal wartsburnt walls, squatters stealing her stuff,

no back stairs, a car jack holding the stumps up….

everything you could think of….but she loved it!!!!!

Why?  Because it came with a fr-ee Block of Land of course!!!

check out some of the pics here:




This is not black paint on the walls….it’s the remains of a fire….

Here is a current photo of the site below, with renovation under way, and

fr-ee block of land on the left of the house ready to be sold baby!!!!

Check out her full story of how she locked in $180,000 profit




Watch her 2 minute video sharing how she found this cracker


Til the next adventure,

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