Why I Sold The Porsche This Year

Yes, Yes, news as important as the Kardashians…not quite…just a car really?

Yet for those who know me my life growing up one of my goals was to buy a

Porsche, and in 2013, after being Financially Independant for 10 years from

property , I rewarded myself with one :O)

I thoroughly enjoyed it and am now looking for the next super sports

car that I can actually take to Bunnings, fit my family in, throw in fishing rods

in the back , looks super hot and still race Ferraris and Lamborghinis…

Good bye dear friend…looking forward to the next adventure!


PS:  Thanks to all those who came to the Brisbane Property Adventure on the

weekend , plus all those who helped out , couldn’t have done it without you!

PPS: Off to Macau /HK/ Vietnam this weekend, ready for a recharge!