Why Clive Palmer Gives Rich People A Bad Name

All this news about Clive Palmer and the collapsed nickel refinery is just embarrassing.

Toting his riches, driving around in Bentleys, 7-series BMW’s and buying helicopters, yet leaving 237 employees in the lurch with unpaid entitlements in the millions…

Yes the commodities market has crashed, but how does that explain siphoning off $10,000,000 to your OWN POLITICAL PARTY in a lead up to all this????

What a joke!!

Read here for yourself: Click Here

Another great read: Click Here

He really embarrasses the “idol” that people make of so-called “billionaires”. He has no respect for others, it’s “All About Me”.

He deserves all the flack he’s getting in the news and more!

See these kind of actions make people with money look like “greedy & nasty & evil” people, especially when they flaunt it round like old mate Palmer does, and hence gives people the experience that having money makes you into someone like him, a tantrum throwing, deceiving and petulant child doing whatever he wants to do….

But thinking that money does that to you would be a mistake!!!

A lot of wealthy people I know are the nicest people around.

Some of them you’d think would only have 1 or 2 houses, let alone 50-100 properties.

See money doesn’t make you evil, it only magnifies what’s ALREADY INSIDE.

If you’re generous and loving , money will just amplify that, making you more generous & loving (eg. giving more to charity, setting up foundations and legacies).

If you’re greedy, deceptive, self-indulgent and a bully, money will just amplify that, allowing you to take advantage of more people and grabbing power and hurting people wherever you can.

Many of you reading this newsletter are interested in increasing your wealth, and at times have your own demons you have to face on this journey as you increase your wealth.

Over the years I have worked with many clients via our Mentoring Programs.

Here are some of the traits that always come up as people make more money (or attempt to, not in any particular order):

  • having to prove themselves, and being determined to succeed without taking direction
  • having to do it their way (even though they’ve only earned $50,000 p.a. til now)
  • beating themselves up when they don’t win straight away
  • having to win all the time
  • being lazy and not doing the work
  • wanting instant results without paying the price
  • greed and wanting things to go their way without any give
  • abdicating responsibility & investing without property due diligence
  • scarcity mentality – thinking there’s not enough out there (money/investors/deals)
  • complaining about their job (OMG just quit why don’t you)
  • complaining about their spouse/partner
  • complaining about the market place (going up and down)
  • running away from problems, vs dealing with them now before they get worse
  • taking things WAY TOO SERIOUSLY
  • worrying too much about losing money

[Wow what a list!!! I wasn’t planning to download so much hahahhahaha….but anyway…]

In finishing here are my HAPPY TIPS for today :

1. Find something you love to do and do it, with your friends and family if possible.

Feed your Soul, whether it’s gardening, mowing, fishing, going to the movies or surfing, just do it!!!

2. Help others, and give back!

Be it money and/or time, we were put on this earth not to just take but to give generously to others. Look at trees, they always give abundantly.

3. Make a list of all the things you’re GRATEFUL FOR.

We are so fortunate to always have food, clean water, electricity, internet, NO WAR….

Many people would give their lives to have their children grow up in Australia!!!

Yet it’s so easy to take for granted!!

Alright, sermon is done for today :O)

Til next time!


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