Why are Apartments Slamming the Brakes?

It’s been on the tips of the tongues of many active developers & investors,

including my many clients , mentors and friends.


and soon will be…THE APARTMENTS ARE HERE!!!

With the market bubbling along and big developers going hard to bring stock to the

market, check out the cranes on the skyline.  There was a great article recently in the

Courier Mail (Sat 19th March 2016), where BIS Schrapnel, industry analysts commented

about the apartment sector in Brisbane:

\”very much now in danger of going into over-build.  We estimate the market has already

gone into oversupply of 10,000 to 15,000, heading for 25,000 excess apartments by 

June 2017\” according to forecasting associate director Kim Hawtrey.

Having said that, BIS Schrapnel, continues in the article to confirm the demand for

detached homes still remains strong, with \”an undersupply of 24,000, which will reduce to

22,000 by June this year and then go down to 18,000 by June 2017\”

Fascinating statistical insights into the market place which I personally think is priceless.  Whether

you are smashing out renovators or building townhouses, any market that is active always has to

come to an equilibrium.  It always pays to be proactive and aware of the dynamics both on

macro (big picture) and micro (street/individual) level.

If you’re wanting to get more information on upcoming developments check out this website:


I am not associated with this group nor do I agree with all their views, but their research is

insightful, like this Brisbane Development Map:


and Gold Coast Development map : https://brisbanedevelopment.com/gold-coast-development-map/

Til next time!