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Welcome back to another case study and today, I want to congratulate Nathan.

Back in October 2019, Nathan joined one of my Property Adventure Bus Trips. Back then he had serviceability and a little bit of money, but no time.

Sitting next to Nathan on the bus was Maggie, who had a deal but couldn’t fund it on her own. That deal got Nathan into the property game, and he’s been “hooked” ever since:

“From that first JV, I then hd another JV at Everton Hills. A 4 block subdivision. I was expanding my comfort zone, but wasn’t risking too much.

“At the same time, I had to educate myself. So rather than going out looking for deals without any education, I spent that time and got a lot of education, primarily through Nhan. But also, I’m a big reader, a big listener. I like talking to people, so hearing what other people are doing, but always staying inquisitive.

“From there I did a 1 into 2 myself. Then I decided to sell my business and focus on property investing full-time. I sold the business, which gave me a good capital base as well. And I’ve found that time plus capital plus education was a really good recipe.

“Today, one arm of my business is land subdivision. So this gives you your active income. The other side of that is passive income, which is really important because that’s what’s going to pay the bills and keep you excited to continue going. And so that’s with commercial property, boarding houses, and some specials disability accommodation as well.

“I still fund other people’s deals if I find the right deal to fund. And there are so many other sides of property that I’m not playing. Not because I don’t want to… but because I don’t have the education yet. So for example, high rise units –– I have no idea about it! So I stay within my comfort level and my risk profile as well.”

– Nathan B.

As you can see, Nathan started with us two years ago. He came from an IT background, sold his business, and jumped into property.

Within two years he’s taken on multiple projects – 5-6 lots at Logan, he’s got a 5-lotter at Brighton, 5-lotter in Aspley, and a handful of other projects.

In the video below you can see his Aspley deal, which actually has a lot of important points for you to learn –– because knowing these things can make or break your next deal:

  • Handling holding costs in changing markets and while waiting for your DA
  • Playing the “Property Tetris” –– the different rules and regulations on blocks with road frontage, compared to blocks don’t have direct frontage
  • How to find affordable deals depending on your situation

Plus heaps more! Click ‘Play’ now:

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