Nhan on Better Homes & Gardens???

Hi there,

Not quite on TV on \”Better Homes & Gardens\”, but this is the

closest I will probably get to \”House Rules\” as well. Last week-

end I was in Melbourne for a seminar, and on our way home at the

airport I saw out of the corner of my eye, Johanna Griggs,

one of the hosts of Better HOmes & Gardens and House Rules.

As much as I watch little TV, I knew Olivia, my wife

is a big fan of this TV show and thought:
\”Wow, she’d be so jealous if I got a selfie with her\”

I couldn’t remember her name but it didn’t matter!!!


Feel free to send in your pics with famous people, only the

BOLD get opportunities by SEIZING THE MOMENT.

Til next time,



PS: Thanks to Leon W. for making this happen!