Going Beyond Success!!



One of the things I often mention in my seminars is that success is 10% Knowledge, 20% Skill and over

70% Psychology!!!!  Psychology includes dealing with Fear, Greed, Negotiations, Intimidation, Confidence,

Action and so much more.  It’s often not knowledge or skill that stops us, it’s emotions, fear of failing,

fear of looking silly, fear of what people will think of us.  Harnessing our mind to take action in the face

of adversity sets one apart from the rest.

Recently I had the great opportunity to interview Jill McIntyre, who coaches people

\”Beyond Success\”.  As an experienced Property Investor too she knows the ins and outs of what stops

Property Investors, and lucky for you, you get a chance to hear her share her thoughts and how to go

Beyond Success!


In this first interview we cover :

  • How To Get Into the Game
  • What Stops Beginner Investors
  • How To Build Confidence
Til Next Time,

Nhan PS: in the next 48 hours we will be lauching 1st round tickets for this year’s Brisbane Property Adventure, so stay tuned, as they will be sold out in no time (just like Katy Perry’s concert tickets!!!:O) \"\"