Monster Property Business Built From Scratch

Alan and Michelle’s journey started from Reno To Hold.

When they switched to RTS (Reno To Sell), they built a monster business around that. In the last 12 months, they generated over one million dollars in profit doing half a dozen of those RTS deals.

But Now…

Alan is progressing into bigger subs. He previously completed a 1 into 2… then 1 into 3… and another 1 into 2. This is his fourth sub… a one into SIX… and in today’s video, Alan shares his plans and tips with us!

“When I first met Nhan, [the Reno business] was more or less aligned with my employee mentality, because I was getting money in regularly and it felt good. But I always had that passion to do a land subdivision. It’s just a different strategy.

More profits.

A bit more risky, but exciting.

So we started with 1 into 2’s, and Nhan said, “Just keep doing that until you get the hang of it.” So then the natural progression was getting a little bit bigger. I did a 1 into 3 a couple of years ago, and finally landed this one.

I picked this one up off a letter that I sent out a year and a half ago. I met with him and agreed on a price.

We originally wanted to do 9 lots [but council said…] “Well, you can have your 4 lots at the front, but only have 2 lots at the back.”

So that’s what we did to keep them happy, and it still works because the land values here are quite high.

We’re looking at just sub a million for a block.

They’re just under 1000sqm, a couple of them are over 1000sqm. So we made them big. Nhan said once, “Put as many blocks as you can initially, and if you can’t do that, then make them as big as you can.” That’s what I did.

Alan Castorina

There are loads more insights in Alan’s video – a complete 11-minute deep-dive overview he gave on-site.

If you’re subdividing land or even just thinking about it… you should watch the video now.

It’s gold!

And if you have any questions about setting up this kind of business for yourself, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Have a great week

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