Is Capital Growth Guaranteed???

Is Capital Growth guaranteed? 

Is Rental Return guaranteed?

Is anything guaranteed?

The resounding ANSWER IS NO!! 

Nothing is guaranteed…

Other than 2 things…Death and Taxes (as they say).

When I was 19 and read the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki talked about how having a job was risky because you only had 1 source of income.

And ultimately the following things could affect you:

  • You could lose your job (say boss doesn’t like you or business is bad)
    (In Spain the unemployment rate is 24% (according to
  • You could be made redundant or you could get a pay cut to stay
  • Your industry could shut down (eg. car industry)
  • Your job could be outsourced to cheap labour (eg. China, India, Philippines)
  • You are determined by the hours you work (limited to 40-60 hours per week)
  • If you get sick, or have a baby and can’t work, there goes your income….

So an alternative to that are multiple sources of income, so that you are NOT DEPENDENT on JUST ONE.

Check out video #5 for some great insights into this: CLICK HERE TO WATCH QUICK VIDEO

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