The Eastern Seaboard: Where Is The Market Going, And How Can You Profit From It?

Hi there,

If you’ve been asking yourself where the property market is headed, and how to prepare yourself for what’s ahead… good news! 

I’ve just recorded a ‘short & sweet’ interview for Matt Jones’s blog (the Property Resource Shop) answering exactly that question! 

Click ‘Play’ to listen to it now. You can also read the full transcript of this interview here.

What’s Revealed In This Recording:

  • Where the eastern seaboard market is going? Should you buy? Should you sell? Should you wait? [2:30]
  • What should be your biggest focus right now if you want to profit from property in 2019? [3:14]
  • Is cash still king? [4:04]
  • The opportunity in buying properties cash-only (and how to get it all back in 60-90 days) [4:24]
  • Why you shouldn’t worry about the “Doom & Gloom” (and the Four things you DO need to pay attention to) [5:13]
  • The crisis of compounding negative gearing that’s bringing new bargains to the market [7:03] 
  • A market segment becoming desperate to sell – and sell quick (fastest way to get $80,000–$100,000 discount with virtually any kind of property right now – even in Brisbane City Council) – Check out my FREE webinar to learn more about this strategy! 
  • How to win the race with cash offers – and make the seller drop the price once you’re in [8:40]
  • The simple secret to being in the 1% that stay ahead of the game, while most tire-kickers get eaten up by the current downturn cycle [10:12]
  • How to choose the right real estate agent to sell your properties (things are changing, you better pay attention to this) [11:03]
  • Go beyond the theory and get the nuts and bolts of my latest property strategy – check out this FREE Online Webinar [13:03]
  • Why many developers and subdividers will struggle big time in 2019 – and the simple solution to make sure you don’t fall into the same trap [13:32]
  • How to overcome the fear and find the right properties for you BEFORE the next boom comes and you’ve missed the boat [14:13]
  • The #1 Money Making Truth that will NEVER change in property [14:55]
  • Key tip for every active investor in the current market – how to guarantee you have a “safe passage” to protect yourself in any market environment [16:13]

Here’s the link to the webinar mentioned in this interview: Find More Deals Than You Can Handle – With This Unique “Motivated Seller Detector” Strategy!

It takes place on Wednesday, November 21st – so make sure you save your seat NOW. There will be NO RE-RUNS!


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