Are You A Good Problem Solver? Otherwise Stay Poor

Hi again,

It’s definitely interesting times, watching my Mentoring Program students shine, after overcoming many challenges, sticking to their guns, stepping up and making things happen.

See everyone wants to get rich, quit their job, buy their kids nice things, upgrade their house, buy a big boat, fancy car, go on holidays even….

But not everyone is willing to take on the challenges of the property game like these guys are, some of which in the last month have included:

  • Dealing with rental managers who have neglected their property and now there’s staples in your ceiling due to the previous tenant who’s already left
  • Bank managers going on holidays and not telling anyone about their finance application
  • Councils changing their mind after a development approval is given and wanting more
  • Selling all the blocks of land and council dragging the chain on issuing titles (yes that’s me)
  • Needing $650,000 capital ASAP and 3 presales yesterday
  • Blowing budget on renos

See the missing link is: the better you are at solving problems (under pressure) the more money you make.

Don’t kid yourself if you want $500,000 passive income but are not willing to take on challenges all day every day until you get there.

This is not reality.

Having said that if you’re willing to step up there is lot of money to be made….and from that lots of choices and fun to be had!!

Here is this week’s 1 minute video…enjoy!!!

To check out this 1 minute video go here:

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