Why Most People Don’t Get What They Want and The Solution!!!

Wow it’s getting to that time of year when everything is going on!!!

When my kids start talking about Santa and what they want to “order” I know it’s fun and games!!!

Yes…”What I want for Xmas is….”

As humans if you are alive you will have desires…

For some it’s material (yes a diamond ring or car or house) or others its philanthropic (yes it would be great to save the starving kids in Vietnam)….

It’s okay to have those desires!!!

It’s when we stop wanting things (for ourselves or others) we start to kill our dreams….

People often stop dreaming when they DON’T get what they want.

Like trees we were born to grow!!!

Here’s a great video of Jennie Brown and I on the farm at the Sunshine Coast talking about another layer of “How To Get What You Want”: Click Here To Watch

Til next time!!



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