Want Warren Buffett’s Problems ???

I am an avid fan of Warren Buffett, as I’m sure many of you are,

since he’s such a business genius and long term big picture player.

Being humble and geniune helps too, no-one likes the Rich Kid Brat

who is Arrogant and Boastful, do they?

Here are some great articles from Bloomberg about Warren’s problem

of having $50,000,000,000 in cash…gotta love it!!!

Buffett Waits On Fat Pitch As Cash Hoard Tops $50 Billion

What Will Warren Buffett Do With $50B in Cash?

I was thinking about it myself, $50Billion is FIFTY THOUSAND MILLION!!!

My current development deal is worth $3.4M end value…that would mean

$50Bn is the equivalent of 14,705 (forteen thousand, seven hundred and

five) times that!!!!

Gotta love the games some people play…

Til next time…


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