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Here's Why This Weird New Strategy Triples The Average Rental Income!

From the desk of Nhan Nguyen
May 29, 2023

Take a look at this seemingly ordinary property:

It may look “plain vanilla”… 

But this boring asset is pulling THREE TIMES your average rent!

And it’s not only grossing $91,000 rent a year… it also added extra $200,000 equity to my portfolio.

All from just one little project… that’s so easy to afford right now… anyone can do it. 

How? It’s all thanks to a new and different strategy I’ve discovered.

A strategy which turns simple assets into massive cash flow earners.

"I'm earning $250 a day from
a single property!"

$250 dollars a day… 365 days a year… from just one project. 

What’s even better, is that this is not some risky strategy.

It’s nothing like those shady Airbnb or similar short-term rental strategies. 

These properties rent at premium prices… to high-quality residents… on twelve month leases. 

Which means predictable, ongoing, significant rental income to you… with very minimal maintenance. 

But how does a sh*t box like this
produce $91k a year?

Before I tell you how you can create on of  “Cash Flow Multipliers” (as I’ve been calling them…)

With as little as $100k down right now… 

Let me show you another one of these projects. Take a look at this ugly duckling:

This Banyo property used to be a simple 4 bedroom house. 

Now it’s earning $200 A DAY as a Cash Flow Multiplier

$200 a day…
$1,400 a week…
$6,020 a month…
$72,800 dollars a year!!!

And here’s another one, just to prove these projects are not a fluke:

This 5 bedroom investment in Newmarket is raking in $102,180 a year!

What does it mean to own a property that is this massively positively geared from the get go?

It means you can buy even more assets, faster!

No negative gearing means your portfolio no  longer eats up your cash flow.

No longer empties your bank account.

Instead, these Cash Flow Multipliers top your balance up every week right from the get-go.

Each deal adds momentum and growth to your portfolio.

Rather than causing anxiety and debt, your investments become a source of joy.

Of pride.

Of certainty.

Triples Your Properties' Earning Power

The Cash Flow Multiplier strategy adds multiple sources of income to your properties.

So in under 12 months, you can produce a positively geared asset that generates 9% to 11% yield pa. 

It’s literally the best use of land there is. 

Even a boring house like this one can be turned into a goldmine…

Can you believe this place will yield $72,000 a year?!

That’s why I love this Cash Flow Multiplier strategy so much!

Here's How It Works

The first thing you need to know about this strategy is just how simple and straightforward this is…

Once you know the regulations and best practices, of course!

In order to get four or five streams of income from a property, you obviously need to get more residents.


You don’t just want any residents. 

You want maximum rent, minimal maintenance, and zero headaches, right? 

In other words… 

You want high quality residents:

Residents who pay on time.
Residents who don’t cause trouble.
Residents who take care of your property. 

As it turns out, there’s a specific kind of rooming house which works perfectly for this goal. 

And You Can Do It On A
Low-Density Block!

If you know what you’re doing… and you use the right kind of Rooming House regulations… 

You can put 4-5 high-paying residents on the same block…  paying you $350-$400 a week each.

That’s up to $2,000 a week from one property with only one set of payable rates. And…

You can do it even in low density zoning!

Just like my student Peter did with this rental:

Peter Baumann's Cash Flow Multiplier is earning him $92,560 a year.

That's $250 a day!

Cash Flow Multipliers are similar to rooming houses –– in that each resident has their own private bedroom, ensuite, and living area.

But share common areas (such as the kitchen, laundry, and external facilities.)


There are a few critical differences between your typical rooming house and a Cash Flow Multiplier. 

These important differences in design, furnishing, and location are what lets you charge way more rent –– at a much lower cost!

It’s no wonder Cash Flow Multipliers easily generate double the average rental yield –– generating 9% to 11% pa!

All while maintaining low maintenance costs… low overhead… and almost 100% occupancy all year round. 

(And did I mention your residents are on a 12 month lease? Talk about peace of mind for you!)

No Special Development Application Needed!

Cash Flow Multipliers allow you to collect four to five rents from a single property.

Without requiring a Special Development Approval.

And they can be build or retrofitted on Low-Density blocks –– making it much, much more affordable. 

Saves You $70,000 Fees

In fact, not only you can get five rents from a single block even in low density zoning…

But I will show you which councils will actually waiver up to $70,000 of the fees when if you build or retrofit a Cash Flow Multiplier.

And it gets even better…

Why Financing These Deals Is Actually Easy

When you build (or retrofit) a Cash Flow Multiplier, you qualify for residential financing. 

And that’s HUGE. 

Because, typically to get five rents from one project, you’d be developing apartments. 

And that would require complex and very expensive comercial financing. 

But with Cash Flow Multiplier, the bank is happy to fund you through residential loans.

Not only this makes the whole process much easier, you also save A LOT of money paying far less interest.

And that’s not all. 

It also slashes the amount of cash you’d  need. From upwards of $300k for developing apartments… 

… you can finance an entire Cash Flow Multiplier project (both the buy and the build / reno)…

With as little as $100k!


Do It 100% No-Money-Down

Look, not everyone has $100k in cash. Many people don’t.

But remember, as soon as you complete one, its value increases by at least $200,000. 

This predictable $200k extra equity makes it very easy for you to refinance.

As you can imagine, when there’s a lot of equity and a lot of cash flow…

It makes finding a money partner easy peasy

In fact… in just a few minutes… I will tell where to find my exact capital-raising crash course and access it for FREE… 

So you’ll be able to get your Cash Flow Multipliers fully funded  even if you’ve never raised capital before. 

The fact is… I am yet to find anyone who  used this system and had any trouble at all getting their Cash Flow Multiplier finances. 

Anyone can. 

You’ll be surprised just how easy it is  to finance these deals.

Which is why I believe you could do one or two of these projects every year in perpetuity if you wanted to!

Imagine Earning $150,000 A Month
Doing Absolutely Nothing

A hundred and fifty thousand dollars a month.

No, that’s not a typo.

And no, that’s not a pipe dream.

That’s actually what I’m working on right now.

I’m planning to earn $150k a month using this strategy. How? 

By completing twenty of these projects over the next five years. Why twenty projects?

Because when you own twenty Cash Flow Multipliers… you gross about $150k a month in pre tax passive income!

Now look…

You Don't Have To Earn That Much Money (Unless You Want To!)

One of my students, Viv Halliday, did two of these Cash Flow Multiplier projects last year.

Now they’re making her $3,365 a week. 

$174,980 a year from two basic properties.

Crazy… but that’s not all…

"By the end of the year, I expect to finish two more of these projects.

"This should bring me to $6,765 per week in passive income (gross before expenses).

"$350,000 a year from just four properties!!!"
–Viv Halliday

See how fast these numbers add up with just a couple of these projects? 

$350,000 pa from just four properties!

That’s what so great about the Cash Flow Multiplier strategy. 

You just need to decide how much you want to earn. And you can pretty quickly get there.

Anyway, maybe even $350,000 a year sounds excessive? 

Maybe you only need $100,000 a year to be a happy camper. Well, if that’s the case ––

Two projects gets you there!

If you’re happy with earning $100k to $140k annual passive income, then… 

Two of these projects are all you need. 

If like Viv and like me, you want to earn a lot more, then you just do a few more projects.

That’s all there is to it!

Finally, you can decide what kind of life you want and have a simple strategy that gets you there

As you have seen, these projects are easily affordable because you can use cheap residential financing. 

They generate so much positive cash flow and equity, even buying them 100% no-money-down is no problem

Anyone can do it. 

Just follow the plan.

Copy my step-by-step process.

And you can amass as much income and equity as your heart desires. 

An Opportunity Of A Lifetime

This strategy really is all you need to secure your financial future. 

In fact, it’s the only strategy I’m using for my long term portfolio. 

It’s perfectly balanced.

It creates instant equity, so you can sell it for a fat profit at any time. 

And it’s positively geared from the get-go, so you can hold it forever and just enjoy the weekly income. 

You can even convert it back into a “regular” house if you want. 


Hedge Against Inflation, Uncertainty,
And Economic Depression

Everyone knows that when inflation goes up, so does rent. 

So when interest rates go up…
So does your income!

Having four to five rents per property gives you have a very strong hedge against inflation. 

And, even if one of your residents doesn’t renew his lease… the others rooms remain occupied!

You’re still collecting rent week after week. 

It’s clearly evident that Cash Flow Multipliers are therefore a great shield against inflation, economic distress, and market fluctuations. 

Best part is, 

This strategy is not mainstream

Very few investors have figured it out so far.

Most people are just waiting on the sidelines right now. 

Trying to figure out where things are headed.

They’re missing out on the biggest rental crisis in history. But you don’t have to!

If you have the right plans… you work with the right builders… and you build in the right locations…

Then there’s no reason why you can’t easily earn up to $91k pa a year. Plus add about $200k equity to your portfolio.

All with a single project!

If you want to do just that and be successful, here’s what I’ve organised to help you:



"How to implement my new strategy and collect up to $91k pa rental income plus $200k equity… with a single project!"

Look, I don’t want to give you just information. 

I want to deliver transformation

I want to make sure you have everything you need to implement this unique strategy successfully.

I want to help you custom tailor this strategy to your specific needs and life situation.

So that you’re confident not only that it works… but that it can work for you.

That’s why I’ve decided to host the Cash Flow Multiplier LIVE Summit, where you will discover:

Plus You Also Get These FREE Reports…

As Well As…


"How to implement my new strategy and collect up to $91k pa rental income plus $200k equity… with a single project!"

100% Money Back Guaranteed

At the end of Cash Flow Multiplier Summit, only one of two things can happen.

You either tell me you’re 100% confident you have everything you need to start implementing this strategy and see immense results with just 1-2 projects… 

Or I will refund you every cent you paid for the event. No questions asked. 

That’s right.

That’s how confident I am that you will immediately be able to use this information  and radically transform your portfolio and your future.

Just like I am using this strategy. Just like many of my students are.

So if you think about it, you have absolutely nothing to lose. 

Either you are 100% confident, satisfied, over-the-moon excited, jumping for joy and ready to start creating Cash Flow Multipliers and profit –– or you don’t have to pay me anything at all. 

AND you can keep the free bonus reports and other premiums you get at the event.

So no matter what, you will benefit greatly from attending the summit. 

What Others Are Saying…

“We’ve been making six-figures consistently for 3 years now!”

– Paul & Lucy
Ex-Mechanic & Ex-Admin
I made $80,000 profit in six months using Nhan's tools

"The same as I make in a whole year an an engineer!”

– Rowan
Engineer from Geelong, VIC
We stand to make $100,000-$125,000 and we couldn’t be happier!

"Nhan, your mentoring gave us the confidence the pull the trigger. Thanks!”

– Kat & Leon
Sunshine Coast, Qld
We made $169,000 on our last project alone…

"And total of over $300,000 last year!”

–Alan & Michelle Castorina

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: “Who is this summit for?”

A: This summit is for people who are tired of regurgitated concepts that don’t work, are serious about creating wealth, and want the fastest way to get there. 

If you are ready for some honest-to-God, real life, proven ways to make big money flipping houses on the weekend, then this summit is for you.

Q: “How long will this training be?”

A: The summit will run for four hours. Or maybe a bit longer – depending on how many questions attendees will have during the Q&A session at the end.

If you’re attending live (as in, not via zoom), please account 30 additional minutes for registration at the start of the day. 

Q: “Why are you giving this information away?”

A: It’s simple. When I was in your shoes I made some expensive mistakes that almost got me out of the property world for good. 

It was only thanks to mentors who lent me a hand when I needed it the most, that I’ve found the way back on the horse and figured this all out. 

And since I got a lot of help, I think it’s only right for me to give back and share my knowledge. 

Q: “Is this an educational event, or a sales event?”


You can expect four hours JAM-PACKED with ACTIONABLE content and the latest proven strategies.

Then I’ll answer all your questions.

And then (if anyone will be interested), I’ll tell you how you can work with me in person if you’d like. But that’s it. No monkey business.

Q: “So if this an educational event, how do you make money?”

A: Unlike other “property experts”, I don’t make a living from teaching. I make millions from doing.

For example, I expect to make $215,000 next month from a single deal.

And I have a few more in the pipeline. 

I’m not hosting this summit to “pay the bills”. It’s simply my way to follow the example set by my mentors, and give back. (Hopefully, you’ll do the same once you reach the top!)

Q: “Will I be able to purchase a recording of this event?”

A: Probably not. I wouldn’t risk missing this information. It’s better to attend live (in person or via zoom.) 

Get all your questions answered. 

And know you’re ready to start implementing!

Q: “How can I attend?”

A: It’s easy! Scroll down and click on the big red “Attend Online” button.

Fill in the sign up form. Within a few minutes you will receive your ticket with all the info for joining us via the Zoom link.

And that’s it! 🙂 

But if you require any help, you can ALWAYS call us at 1300 225 630 or email info (at)!

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