ASIC obtains injunction on Property Spruikers

Earlier this week I was doing an ASIC search, as you do, to double check some ACN details of an entity of mine.

And low and behold I see this article headline:

“ASIC obtains Injunction on Property Promoters” which involves a current court case with a Property Promoter selling Options in their Land Banking Project: Click Here To Read More

The Property business as you know is a BIG BUSINESS, being a big portion of the Australia’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product), and everyone wants a piece of it.

However, if you stretch the rules, or worse BREAK THE RULES…the BIG BOYS will come after you!!!

Here’s another article on how they froze the Developments done by the above Developer: CLICK HERE TO READ ARTICLE

Knowing how to do Property Developer involving Money Partners is critical.

And through doing it for over 10 years, there’s some rules you need to be so careful of, as crossing those lines could mean big fines, or worse yet jail time…

In the end it’s just not worth it!!

Til next time!


PS: If you didn’t watch this week’s video with Jennie Brown, you can watch us here on the farm! Check It Out Here

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