Are You Spreading Yourself Too Thin???

Hi again,

Ohhhh yeah…I love it when a deal comes to fruition….it’s been a big weekend…after a full 1 day

seminar on SAturday, on Sunday I got called in to have a meeting with some vendors…on a deal I’ve been

working on for at least 11 years – not 11 days…not 11 weeks….not 11 months….but 11 years…

With full rights to clear the land after 30 days (including a tennis court),

4 month Due Diligence period and a 10 months settlement we finally signed the deal off.

In the next 120 days I will know if the deal is as good as I think it is…lets see…

Here’s another video in the Finding Cracker Property Deals video series…enjoy!!!


To check out this 1 minute video go here:

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