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"Using Nhan’s tools I made $80,000 profit in six months – the same as I make in a whole year an an engineer!" –Rowan, VIC

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Wealth For Life – The Fast Track Property System (2021 Updated)

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Joint Venture Secrets

How To Buy All The Properties You Want… 100% No Money Down!

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Asset Protection Secrets

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Beat The Banks

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How To Make BIG Money From Small Developments! (eBook)

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Pandemic To Prosperity

Property Success In The New World

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Bust-Proof Investing

Michael Matusik reveals… how to protect yourself in the coming bust!

About Nhan Nguyen

Let me show you how I'm making money RIGHT NOW in my own property business!!!

Nhan Nguyen, Founder & CEO Advanced Property Strategies, Helps Everyday People Become Successful Property Investors

I earned the “Mr. No Money Down”  title by completing over a hundred property deals (total worth over 40 million dollars) – almost entirely funded using other people’s money.

After mentoring thousands of people through my strategies I can tell you with 100% certainty: ANYONE CAN BUY PROPERTY NO-MONEY-DOWN.

You don’t need a job to get into property. You don’t need cash. You don’t need anything but ambition – and the secrets I share with you on this website!

I was within a hair’s breadth of giving my dreams up so many times. But I was lucky – I had the right mentors guiding me. 

It is thanks to those mentors’ help, knowledge, and support that I have ascended to the top. 

And now It’s time for me to give back. That’s why I decided to found Advanced Property Strategies.

The Fast Track formula works anywhere in Australia. (Just look at the case studies at the bottom of this page and see for yourself!)

It works even if you have very little, or even no cash. (I had none when I got started.)

It works even if you don’t have well-paying job (or a job at all!)

It works even if you don’t have experience. You don’t need to be “good with your hands” or a “good negotiator”. 

None of those things matter any more once you follow my unique property strategies. 

If you would like to…

  • Buy all the property you want – no money down!
  • Create multiple streams of passive income… and,
  • Leave your day-job and earn a full-time property income

Then these courses are the answer you’ve been looking for. Pick one now – and let’s get started

What Our Students Have to Say

”I made $80,000 going through Nhan’s mentoring program!

"I'm already into my next two subdivisions… expecting to make $100,000 – $120,000 on each one of those!"
Brisbane, Qld
“I just secured my FIRST property deal – a 2 into 6 no-money-down subdivision projected to make about $369,000!

"With a 50/50 split with my money partner that's about $184,000 – – not bad for JUST 4 MONTHS work!”
Full-Time Carer
“Using Nhan’s tools I made $80,000 profit in six months – the same as I make in a whole year an an engineer!”
Engineer from Geelong, VIC
“With Nhan’s help we just completed our property project… turning a $1.3 million profit!!!

"Our lives have changed with a single property deal – thanks Nhan!"

Join 17,142 Happy Students Today!

Given the right tools – anyone can build a profitable property career. That’s why I created the APS Academy: to give you the information and tools you need to succeed – and succeed FAST.

So let’s go!

Click the button below now and choose your first course. (Twelve months from today you’ll be glad that you did!)

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