Time To Pick Up Your Easter Hamper!

Recently a relative of mine went to hospital with chest pains.

He’d thought nothing of it, but upon inspection it turned out to be cancer…


Serious Cancer….

It was all through his lungs and rapidly spreading through the rest of his body.

The doctor sadly told him it was too late to treat him, and it was likely he only

had a few weeks to live.


3 Weeks later he passed away.  With 2 kids in their early twenties and at University, their lives would

be changed forever, as would all my family.  This is a true story that happened this year.

But tragic as this story is, it doesn’t have to be this way.  Some of us are waiting for death to

be on our door before “going for it” and “Making the Most” of what we have and don’t have.\”

Be Brave, Be Courageous, Take Yourself On!

Here’s a 60 second video in the Keys To Financial Freedom Series to move you to the next step: