How To Subdivide Your Back Yard and Cash In!

Just wanted to share a proud moment of mine with you all,

Peter Baumann, one of my Mentoring Program Students, was featured on Channel 7

last week .  For his first deal (house on big lot) he shared with me he wanted to do 2 things:

1.  Cut the block in half by putting up a fence in the middle (& demolishing the house);

as well as 2.  Building a new house on at least one of the blocks.  (yes sounds EXCITING, BUT!!!)

Within about 10 seconds, I stopped him in his tracks!!!  I suggested:

1.  Keep the existing house at the front (!!)  Free House and subdivide the back lot off.  Free Block of Land.

and don’t even think about doing 2.) BUILDING THE HOUSE as a beginner.  Maybe down the track on a future deal,

but not on this one.  BOY IS HE GLAD HE TOOK THEM ON BOARD!!!

Now he’s sold the rear lot, moved into the front house with is new bride and is cashing up baby~!~~~~!!!

Not bad for a first deal hey???

Here is the recent recording:

Click Here To Watch

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Best regards

Nhan Nguyen

PS:  Check out Peter’s video : Click Here To Watch