Have you Tasted Financial Freedom Yet?

2015’s Mother’s Milk Bank Brisbane Property Adventure is Here!!!!!

Matt Jones & I are excited to present to you the final Brisbane

Property Adventure for the Year, if you haven’t booked in yet, here is

your chance!!! Over the last few years we have produced many sell out

Property Adventures, with countless positive feedback , this anticipated

event will not disappoint. I found the easiest and most efficient way to

learn how to create wealth, do property deals and create Financial Freedom,

was to get HANDS ON, so that’s why we created this PROPERTYADVENTURE.

To go and explore and see what SUCCESSFUL Property Investors

and Developers were doing, what cutting edge strategies

they were implementing, and why they were ACTUALLY MAKING MONEY

when the majority of INVESTORS were losing money (and not knowing either!)

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The deals we will be showcasing on the day are by Real Mums and Dads Making Real Profits,

applying themselves using proven strategies that work in the Current Market.

These are not prehistoric BORING BUY & HOLD Negatively Geared DEALS done prior to the

GFC when credit was everywhere, they are current deals being done NOW in the

CURRENT MARKET by REAL EVERYDAY PEOPLE. Where are the deals you say?

“I can’t seem to find any!!” some of you might be saying….yet they are everywhere…

let’s go check out the following projects that are out there:
•Townhouse Sites– how you can make $$$ in only 1 or 2 POSTCODES
•Land Subdivisions – how to not pick up a paint brush or a hammer and still make $$$
•Splitter Blocks still making people $$$ – in well known suburbs that apparently have no land
•Other sites include Townhouse sites, Cosmetic Renovations and Snapping Up Deals in the current market

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Come join us on a Fun and Info-Packed Day filled with Practical Learnings and Meeting

Lots of Like-Minding People. Study live projects and lessons as well as investigate

REAL DEALS ON THE MARKET. With 20% of all ticket proceeds going to Mother’s Milk Bank,

we are proud to be sponsoring a great cause doing great things !

To Book In Click Herewww.brisbanepropertyadventure.com.au

Early Bird Specials End Soon,

Til next time


PS: Every bus trip has sold out in the past, many weeks in advance, and this will be no exception!!

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